Fixing panels

Because OUTDECO® is a timber product , the panels must be fixed at a maximum distance of 30cm onto a support structure, or thery may show signs of warping.

If using a nail gun or a construction adhesive system, fixing at every 15-30cm will provide the best stability.

OUTDECO® GardenScreen is a decorative screen/cladding and is not a structural product. Therefore it must be supported by a frame or structure.

Installation Asset 600mm 1200mm 5kg

For calculating the optimal fixing ratio, allow 5kg per panel of 600x1200mm.

The width of the panel, regardless of the size, is 9.7mm.


Some people prefer to make a feature of the fixings (e.g. match them to your allen head decking screws). For invisible fixings use construction adhesive. An efficient and common trade method is to use small brads in a nail gun. The panels should always be installed with a minimum distance of 2mm between eachother, due to the natural expansion-contraction process of wood.

Follow all standard carpentry safety precautions. Wear eye and dust masks when cutting, sanding or using fixing mechanisms or power tools. Use safe lifting techniques or mechanism where needed.

If using screws, pre-drill and oversize holes slightly. If using a mechanical driver, drive-in carefully and back-off speed and pressure as head closes on surface. Follow this method to prevent the board from bloating around the fixing. Due to the fact that when a surface is drilled, you only have one chance to do it properly, mark carefully, measure well, and check all the parameters before drilling. Also, if you want uniformity in the appearance of the screws, make a "patron" of some scrap block of wood, about 45mm wide and 1200mm long. Square it up to the edges and starting from the left, leave 22mm horizontally and vertically on each side and make the first hole. Then, drilling every 289mm, create the pattern to follow.

New generation special adhesive products are used successfully. Outdoor grades are available for some applications. Follow the directions of the adhesive product, and if you’re pre -painting the screens, leave the area of adhesion void of paint/coating to allow best adhesion with the primary material.


Where you are fixing multiple panel features to an existing structure, it’s a good idea to makeup a simple fixing frame anyway. When fixing into some existing substrates like brick, concrete or studframe walls, locating and drilling millimeter perfect holes into the structural points available maybe tricky. A frame gives you versatility to choose where to fix on the frame, and the ability to nudge it around to get square and aligned; your fixings aren’t dead -on first time.

Fixing Step Fixing Step Fixing Step


Other reasons for using a simple frame:

  • - Create almost any size, orientation or form
  • - You can check square and align before final fix
  • - Get a dynamic offset effect that creates a shadow or back-lit effect
  • - If you want to adjust it, remove it or add to it at any point it can happen with less work and impact to the adjacent elements
  • - A common solution landscaper’s use is a 30x60mm treated pine frame fixed to the back of the panels, so it is concealed from the front


All screens have a 44,5mm nominal border to accommodate typical fixing and conceal standard sized supports up to 89mm wide.

Fixing Step

Protection & Paint

OUTDECO® is protected with DecoshieldTM and doesn’t have to be coated with a secondary protection. DecoshieldTM is a unique system formulated to give greater protection against UV and is an integral product feature.

However the panels surface will naturally dull over time to a soft rustic finish. This is the desired effect for many of our customers, yet if you wish to keep a rich dark look, you can topcoat the product with a water-based seal or stain (timber decking product)

Natural wood products in demanding and changing outdoor climatic conditions always require some necessary care / maintenance. To maintain the high quality natural finish, we recommend that in the future, you apply additional layers of water-based wood sealant to the front visual side, always following the relevant product’s instructions.

The vast majority of OUTDECO® users install without secondary coatings, and enjoy the natural colour of the product (DecoshieldTM Natural) and its subtle rustic weathering.

However it’s also easy to coat in an exterior colour of your choice, with maintenance intervals similar to a wooden deck you can use deck coatings to maintain a rich sealed look.

As a factory standard all GardenscreenTMcomes coated with DecoshieldTM which acts as a prime and means an otherwise very thirsty surface is covered in 1 or 2 coats. Exterior rated water-based paints are suitable (check out your local hardware store or if not confident consult your tradesman). In the example picture below Dulux Weathershield was used.

If in doubt about your choice of colour, coating product or technique, always test a patch on the
back or concealed edge, and always follow coating product directions.

Timber products’ rates of absorption and finish vary subtly. This is the nature and beauty of natural products.



If you’re competent with a spray-gun, this is the easiest method. Alternate light coats at 45° angles around the panel to get all edges evenly.

If you use a clear product or a stain colour that will enhance the depth of the original colour, it is easier to use a roller across the front surface and wipe off any excess drips through the gaps. Ensure roller is rolled even and liberally in a roller-tray before applying, to avoid build-up in the cavities. Excess can be cleaned-up with a brush. It’s generally easier and yields a better result to coat your panels horizontally before fitting and installing.

The above technique can also be substituted with a trusty paint-brush, it just might take a little longer. Wipe excess drips regularly.

When wood products are stained only on one side, there is a difference in the absorption of environmental moisture and this may cause some skew. When covering with extra layers on the front, take a quick hand to the back side too, to help the panel seal.

Fixing, cutting & framing

OUTDECO™ GardenScreen is a timber product, so it can be drilled, screwed, nailed or glued with products intended for timber. We warranty the material integrity of our product, but the installer assumes responsibility for the installation.

If unsure or have questions about the installation of the panels, consult professionals.